ID Office Temporary Relocation 

Sabre Shop in the Aquatics and Fitness Center at 450 Whitehead Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22904,  Weekdays, 9 am - 4 pm.
There are designated parking lots with metered spaces adjacent to The Aquatic & Fitness Center (Zone 5503).

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The University ID Card serves as your main form of identification while on Grounds. Your card will provide access to various resources at the university based on your role and relationship to the university and health system. 

Image of the back of a UVA ID card showing and overheated chip. Arrow pointing to the chip with note: "Bubble or dimple caused by overheating of chip, may or many not show signs of discoloration or burn-through on front or back of card.

ID Card Care: Do not bend, puncture, or poke a hole in the ID card. If using a wireless phone charger, do not leave your ID card between the phone and the charger. This can damage the card, making it unusable and resulting in the need to purchase a replacement card.

The University Academic ID Card Office is open by appointment only.  The Academic ID Office is located in the Observatory Hill Dining Hall at 525 McCormick Road. Parking is available using the ParkMobile app.