Online Photo Submission

Online Photo Submission

PREREQUISITE: New to UVA Checklist
24 to 72 hours after completing all the steps of the New to UVA Checklist, you can begin the process below.

Your online photo must be PASSPORT-STYLE and meet the following requirements:

Sample ID photo
  • Use a clear image of your face. Do not use stylized filters.
  • Background MUST be a SOLID white or light color.
  • Face and shoulders must face forward.
  • NO sunglasses, hats, or anyone else in the photo.
  • Photo must be a color JPEG, minimum of 2 x 3 inches.
  • File should not exceed 400 KB.
  • Submit ONLY one photo at a time.

Once your online photo is accepted, your photo will appear on your UVA ID Card EXACTLY as submitted.
The ID Office is NOT able to make any modifications. 

Upon review and approval of the photo, a confirmation email is sent to your UVA email account.

SECURE Photo Submission

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have submitted a photo, do not resubmit a different photo.